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The versatile JAEGER® Vyntus® CPX is an accurate and reliable system that allows the determination of a subject’s metabolic response. It can measure both children and adults, from patients to athletes; collecting full breath-by-breath data. The main measured/calculated parameters are: V’O2, V’CO2, RER, V’O2/kg, V’E, BF, VTex, EqO2, EqCO2, BR FEV%, PETO2, PETCO2, REE, FAT, CHO, PROT and many more.

  • Vyntus CPX supports all of the essential CPET applications:
  • Breath-by-breath CardioPulmonary Exercise Testing.
  • Spirometry, incl: FVC, SVC, MVV and Pre/Post testing.
  • Exercise Flow Volume Loops (EFVL).
  • Resting Energy Expenditure (REE).
  • Automatic control of bike / treadmill / blood pressure.
  • Online entry of RPE scale, blood gases, BP, events, incl. reporting.
  • Threshold determination.
  • Slope calculation.
  • Editable baseline and peak evaluation.
  • Report Designer for customised reports incl. export to Excel® format.

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