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Vmax Encore PFT System



Vmax Encore from CareFusion represents a suite of pulmonary function tests designed in a modular environment. From large teaching facilities to small community hospitals, research centers, physician groups and small independent labs, Vmax Encore delivers the quality patient diagnostic testing capabilities that you’ve come to expect from the Vmax family of products and SensorMedics.

  • Encore performs standard PFT testing (Spirometry, Lung Volumes, Diffusing Capacity), and offers both a standard body box and a wide-box cabin for improved testing of thoracic gas volumes and airways resistance.
  • Tools using the latest ATS, ERS and NLHEP standards are built into tests to ensure higher quality data output from every user, whether they are new or sophisticated users, or healthy subjects to sick patients.
  • Test more patients with less effort using the fully-integrated, proprietary Impulse Spirometry (IOS) system for collecting reliable airways resistance data and bronchodilator response with normal tidal breathing.
  • Add additional technologies into Vmax Encore, such as cardiopulmonary exercise testing (ergospirometry) and indirect calorimetry at a fraction of the cost of buying a second system.
  • Interpretative and narrative statements with shortcut keys helps physicians accurately and quickly read PFT tests.
    Logic Tree automated interpretation software option puts your own interpretative pathways into Vmax.
  • Our PFT instruments can be configured as a combination metabolic/complete PFT system to save you significant expense, both up front and in warranty costs.
  • VLink shares the data with your HIS.

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