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Vmax Autobox V62J and V62W System



The Vmax Autobox from CareFusion combines pressure-compensated-flow technology and spacious cabin design resulting in more testing capabilities, less stressful patient environment, and faster test completion time. Our standard V62J cabin comfortably accommodates adult or parent holding a small child. The rotating arm allows for testing outside the cabin as well.

  • The plethysmograph’s Kelvin-sensing Mass Flow Sensor eliminates spurious electrical resistance artifacts and also automatically corrects for changing environmental conditions (Real-Time BTPS).
  • V62W is a 1350 litre cabin that is perfect for testing larger, obese subjects and can also accommodate a regular wheelchair inside.
  • With both the panting and quiet breathing Vtg and Raw measurements, Vmax software displays both individual and composite tracings for better graphical data assessment.
  • For patients with airflow limitations, flow rates at specific lung volumes can be erroneous if volume is derived at the mouth only. Vmax Autoboxes calculate the traditional Flow/Volume loop and can include the compression volume as a function of the cabin volume displaced by chest movement. This is an excellent indicator of patient effort not discernable with traditional Flow/Volume techniques.
  • Add additional technologies into Vmax™ Encore, such as cardiopulmonary exercise testing at a fraction of the cost of buying a second system.
  • The Isothermal Lung Volume Standard is a plethysmograph tool that produces Vtg using an isothermal vessel.

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