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Complete Range 20G – 23G – 25G
Premium Next Generation Laser Probes

Complete product range compatible with most of the operating room lasers

  • 20, 23, 25 Gauge straight probes
  • 20 Gauge curved probe
  • 23, 25 Gauge flexible curved probes
  • 23, 25 Gauge steerable probes

Comfort of use

  • Optimized handpieces for an ideal probes handover
  • Super flexible fiber cords
  • Colour coded by gauge size

Next Generation Steerable Probe

  • Steerable concept: pressure-controlled curvature from the handpiece
  • 0-90° adjustable curve
  • Unparalleled access to peripheral retina
  • 360° rotatable handle
  • Trocar cannula compatible

Flexible Curved Probes

  • Flexible tip with memory shape effect
  • Exclusive design for an optimal use through 23G and 25G trocars

Main characteristics

  • Straight, Curved, Flexible curved or Steerable models
  • Optimised hand pieces for an ideal probes handover
  • Available in 20G, 23G and 25G sizes (color coded)
  • Compatible with a large range of laser’s connectors

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