Vitra – Multispot Laser

» Vitra – Multispot Laser

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532nm Multispot Laser
New Generation of 532nm Multispot Photocoagulator

Vitra Multispot is a green 532nm multispot photocoagulator laser that adapts to Haag Streit type Slit lamps.

It offers a large choice of « patterns » with adapted parameters improving treatment for both patient and physician. One pattern is available for each treatment.

Short pulse durations (10-20ms) allows an extremely fast and comfortable treatment, better tolerated by patients (full PRP in 2 sessions only).

Main characteristics

  • Green 532nm multispot photocoagulator laser for PRP
  • 1 pattern for each pathology: squares, lines, triple arcs, circles, monospot
  • Pattern-click control wheel
  • Quick, simple and efficient laser treatment
  • Better comfort for both patient and physician

For more information please visit the Quantel Medical website.