Vitra – 532nm Monospot Laser

» Vitra – 532nm Monospot Laser

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Customisable Monospot Photocoagulator Range

This very portable and lightweight green 532nm photocoagulator laser is fully meeting the principle phycians’ needs while they need to carry their laser from an office to an operating room. Vitra Monospot is a strong and reliable laser to answer an active practice needs.

The foot pedal has been designed to control all the laser parameters with the touch of your foot. Due to a touch screen interface, all laser’s parameters can be programmed and saved into the memory, for a maximum of 5 users.

Quantel Medical also offers a large choice of delivery systems, with premium next generation laser probes: 20G, 23G, 25G straight probes; 20G curved probe; 23G, 25G flexible curved probes; and 23G, 25G steerable probes.

Main characteristics:

  • Green 532nm monospot photocoagulator
  • Simple, intuitive and portable
  • Painting mode
  • Premium Next Generation Laser Probes

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