Ultrasonic Bone Cutting System

» Ultrasonic Bone Cutting System

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The Mectron PIEZOSURGERY® plus is an ultrasonic bone cutting system which aids a surgeon to perform operations requiring bone cutting whilst minimising damage to soft tissues. Innovative features like its two channels which hosts dual handpieces (1 for Power, and 1 for Precision) and large array of surgical inserts aids surgeons in many different types of surgeries, including reconstructive, thoracic, ENT, maxillofacial and neurosurgery.

The handpieces produce high frequency impulses from the generator to optimise the energy transmission, which then generates a mechanical vibration. The ultrasonic vibrations are transmitted to the insert tip; which cuts the bone.

The PIEZOSURGERY plus is provided with smart software. For each surgical tip, the software automatically sets the optimal working settings. Power and irrigation levels can also be adjusted manually depending on the surgical needs.

  • Selective Cut – Reduced risk of damaging soft tissues
  • Micrometric Cut – Surgical precision and intra-operative tactile sensation. Minimal bone loss through the cutting depth

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