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TUG® is the leading automated robotic delivery and retrieval system that can help reduce costs (including those incurred by work place injuries), enhance staff productivity and provides an innovative logistic solution, for existing and new hospitals.

The versatile TUG® manages both scheduled and on demand deliveries as well as retrievals over multiple departments, utilising either pre-existing carts or speciality trolleys. TUG® transports up to 450kg and can be employed virtually for any application including:

  • Food Services
  • Pharmacy
  • Loan Sets
  • Linen
  • Waste
  • Medical Records
  • Pathology
  • Supply


This fully autonomous technology has the ability to call a lift and open secure doors as well as navigate unaided around objects and people to quickly arrive at its destination.

TUG® operates 24/7 and has the ability to free up staff from performing non-clinical tasks to refocus on what matters- the patient experience!





  • Autonomous Robot: Utilising CAD mapping, infrared, laser and sonar to navigate to its destination
  • No tracks, magnets, dedicated elevators or special floor requirements
  • Lightweight TUG is only 23kg but can tug up to 450kg
  • Remote monitoring 24/7
  • Secure pharmacy deliveries
  • RFID tracking option

For more sales enquiries please contact our product specialists at tug@device.com.au


For more information please visit the Aethon website.


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