Supra – Monospot Photocoagulator Platform

» Supra – Monospot Photocoagulator Platform

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Customisable Monospot Photocoagulator Range

A historical pioneer with its 532 nm wavelength solid-state laser, Quantel Medical offers a complete range of monospot treatment lasers, in order to best meet the needs of today’s ophthalmologists:

  • Supra Green 532nm: the « standard » in photocoagulation
  • Supra Yellow 577nm: ideal to treat near the macula
  • Supra Red 660nm: in case of hazy media
  • Supra Infrared 810nm: the alternative when a deep penetration is required
  • Supra Twin 532nm / 660nm
  • Supra Twin 532nm / 810nm

Main characteristics

  • 4 wavelength options: 532nm, 577nm, 660nm (not available in the U.S.), 810nm
  • Optional MicroPulseTM emission mode for subthreshold laser therapies
  • Optional multispot emission mode (532nm or 577nm wavelength)

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