Streamline MIS Spinal Fixation System

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The Streamline MIS Spinal Fixation System allows a rigid construct to be created in the thoracolumbar spine via a percutaneous or mini-open approach using cannulated pedicle screws, set screws and rods. The system offers a broad range of implants and instruments providing the ability to tailor treatment to a specific patient for an efficient, streamlined, implant experience.

  • Cannulated pedicle screws
    • Integrated, disposable and easily detatched extension sleeves
    • Double lead theatre design for faster implantation
    • 60 degree conical screw angulation provides intraoperative flexibility
    • Set screws
    • Designed to reduce incidence of cross threading
    • Fits all screw sizes
  • MIS rods
    • Standard 5.5mm pre-bent rods from 35-150mm
    • Optional straight rod set for thoracic procedures
    • Optional long rod set for long contructs

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