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Albert Browne are the oldest company (founded in 1870) involved solely in the manufacture of sterility assurance products. STERIS purchased Albert Browne in 2006 with the company still trading under its existing name.
Sterility assurance products are used in the CSSD department to monitor and check the efficacy of medical device reprocessing systems.

Bowie Dick Test:

The original Bowie Dick Test was developed in the 60’s and is now used to test the efficacy of vacuum assisted steam sterilizers. The first generation tests used special toweling with a chemical indicator in the centre to monitor the sterilization phases. Modern tests have replaced toweling with a paper based pack also containing a chemical indicator. The important parameters measured are Time, Steam and Temperature (TST)
The Bowie Dick test is mandatory in Australia.

Albert Browne Products:


Bowie Dick Test Pack:

  • Unique combination of advanced Browne intelligent ink technology makes interpretation easy
  • Based on original Bowie Dick concept
  • Meets all requirements of EN-ISO-1140-4 standard
  • The only product of this type independently tested to the British Kitemark Standard

Alternate Steam Penetration Tests from Albert Browne:


TST Helix and TST Load Check:

The Browne TST Control Helix and TST Load Check are Hollow Load Process Challenge Devices (PCD) and have been validated for testing the air removal (steam penetration) capability of small Type B steam sterilizers.

Small Steam Sterilizer Test Pack:

The TST Bowie Dick test pack is a Porous Load Process Challenge (PCD) that has been developed and validated for testing the air removal (steam penetration) capability in smaller Type B and S steam sterilizers. Uses Brown Intelligent Ink technology.


AB100 Porous & Hollow Steam Penetration Test:

The AB100 incorporates both a Porous Load Test (i.e. Bowie Dick) and a Hollow Load Test (i.e. Helix) Both are designed to test the steam penetration (air removal) ability of the sterilizer. A chemical indicator is placed in the centre of the device to show a defined colour change when exposed to a specific combination of Time, Steam and Temperature.

Albert Browne Indicators:

Browne Chemical Indicator products are designed for use during the different stages of a decontamination process (cleaning, disinfection and sterilization). The range includes Process, Specific, Multi-Variable, Integrating, Emulating and Biological Indicators.

1. Process Indicators: (Class 1)

Browne Process Indicators are usually placed on a tray to give assurance that the tray, pack or pouch has been exposed to a particular process e.g. steam. They cannot provide quantitative information about the process or how effective it is. The range includes indicator tapes and label.

2. Specific-Use Indicators (Class 2)

Typically Bowie Dick type test pack to show that steam can penetrate into a defined porous load.

3. Single Parameter Indicators (Class 3)

Single parameter indicators are designed to react with a single critical parameter intended to indicate exposure to a sterilization process.

4. Multi-Parameter Indicators (Class 4)

Used to measure 2 parameters usually time and temperature. An example are the Browne MVI Steam Indicators.

5. Biological Indicators (Class 5)

Require 3 parameters (Time, Steam, Temperature). Used in a specified decontamination process usually Ethylene Oxide, Plasma and Low Temperature Steam. They are also used for machine validation where cycle variables need to be defined and established.

6. Emulating Indicators (Class 6)

Require 3 parameters (Time, Steam, Temperature). Accredited to ISO-11140-1 Class 6. Examples are the Browne TST Control Emulating Indicators and Des Check for use in moist heat disinfection. A pass from the TST Control Emulating Indicator proves exposure to conditions essential for proper sterilization to occur. Critical elements for Class 6 Indicators include: Time, Steam, Temperature / Clear and rapid colour change of Indicator / Non-toxic.

Albert Browne Sterility Assurance Products: World Class and Globally Trusted.

Browne products are designed to be an integral part of the different stages of a decontamination process, CLEANING, DISINFECTION and STERILIZATION and are available for almost all types of processes.

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