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» Solutis – 532nm SLT Laser

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SLT Glaucoma Therapy Laser

SoLuTis is a Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty using a Q-switched 532nm (SLT) that adapts to Haag Streit type slit lamps.

It provides an alternative solution to eye drops, surgery and classic laser procedures, improving glaucoma treatment for both patient and physician.

The SLT procedure is characterised by its absence of thermal effects: it comes to “photoregeneration”.

Using a green 532nm wavelength selectively absorbed by pigmented cells, the SLT therapy consist in delivering large laser impacts (400μm) within an extremely short duration (0,000000004 sec). This specific treatment settings limit the heat-related damage and preserve the trabecular meshwork.

Selective laser trabeculoplasty is an efficient non-invasive glaucoma laser treatment, used more and more as a first-line therapy, and is as effective as the « classic laser treatments » but repeatable over the time.

An easy and fast treatment procedure, resolving patient compliance issues.

Main characteristics

  • SLT Laser
  • Short duration exposure (4ns) with a large spot size (400μm)
  • Primary or adjunct glaucoma therapy
  • Simple, fast and repeatable laser procedure
  • Painless and non-invasive treatment
  • No compliance issues
  • Portable, “clips-on” to your slit lamp

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