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Intouch with Health have launched an innovative suite of Patient Flow modules to outpatient clinics to achieve greater productivity in the hospital workflow. When a patient enters an Outpatient Clinic a number of paths can be taken in order to arrive at the desired outcome. A seamless, graceful, flow of information is essential to smooth the patient’s transitions between stages of arrival, tests, treatment and successful outcome.

Every module within the Intouch suite, from Patient Check-In and Patient Flow through to e-Outcomes and Room Booking has been designed, from the outset, as a fully integrated solution. Furthermore, the solution can be integrated with every PAS supplier.

The Intouch Hospital Patient Flow Manager is designed to give hospital staff and management a clear, accurate and real time view of the location of a patient throughout the duration of their appointment.

Intouch Flow Manager is the central management system that brings together all of the Intouch modules. With many standard and additional modules to choose from such as: Intouch Check-in, Intouch Calling, Intouch eOutcomes and Intouch Mobile to provide a wealth of information designed to improve efficiency.

  • Improved patient experience as kiosks reduce queues, support multiple languages, and offer high-visibility for visually impaired users.
  • The Intouch solutions have been demonstrably successful both in terms of improving patient flows and enhancing data quality.
  • Clear, accurate view of a patient’s location in the hospital or clinic
  • Allows users to search and request available rooms
  • Patients can be informed of the running times and status of their appointment directly to their phone
  • Outpatient outcomes and procedure codes can be updated to PAS

For more information please visit the Intouch with Health website.