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Oxycon Mobile VO2 max Testing



Oxycon Mobile from CareFusion lets you determine metabolic response while exercising, working or in settings that traditional, stationary metabolic systems cannot. The device records breath-by-breath data mounted to the subject’s body via a comfortable vest and allows testing in children to adults and patients to athletes.

    • Data is collected through a facemask or mouthpiece and is sent to a host computer system via wireless transmission (telemetry), making the device suitable for use in a non-laboratory environment.
    • Oxycon Mobile’s software includes Spirometry, exercise Flow Volume Loops, online registration program for the transmitted data, evaluation software and reporting system.
    • The optional 12-channel ECG is transmitted wirelessly to optimize control.
    • Volume measurements with a very lightweight, precise, bi-directional digital volume transducer (DVT), which can be placed directly at the mouth that is insensitive to water vapor and breathing gases; dead space 30 mL.
    • Sensorbox (SBx): Housing the fast response electrochemical oxygen measuring cell (response 80 ms after digital filtering) and a very fast hot wire carbon dioxide analyzer (response less then 80 ms).
    • Data exchange unit (DEx): Unit that collects data from the Sensorbox (ventilation, O2, CO2, SpO2 3 lead ecg and heart rate via polar belt) and sends it telemetrically (range 1,000 m in open space area) to a base station connected to a computer.
    • Software includes automated calculations such as Anaerobic Threshold types (AE, AT, RCP), parameter display shows color-coded upper and lower limits of normal, sub-program macros for user-definable controls such as automated blood pressure recording and more.
    • Optional wireless 12-lead ECG and further external battery pack for long term measurement.

For more information please visit the Carefusion website.