Micro RPM Respiratory Muscle Testing

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The MicroRPM (Respiratory Pressure Meter) can measure inspiratory and expiratory mouth pressures (MIP/MEP) and Sniff Nasal Pressures (SNIP) in one instrument. These noninvasive measurements of respiratory muscle strength are invaluable in monitoring patients with diseases that will affect the function of respiratory muscles.

  • Measures both mouth and nasal pressure measurements.
  • MicroRPM has a clear digital display and uses the latest pressure sensing technology.
  • Results are immediately displayed in cmH20.
  • Small portable and lightweight.
  • The MicroRPM will also connect to PUMA software allowing a choice of predicted values, trending of results, incentive screens and a full database of patient details (PLEASE NOTE: for PC connectivity an RS232 cable will need to be purchased separately).
  • Supplied complete with all accessories in a sturdy carry case.

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