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MasterScreen PFT System



MasterScreen PFT System combines instrument hardware for accuracy and stability with a suite of lung function tests, ranging from simple spirometry to complete lung function testing. With MasterScreen PFT System, you can be sure what you purchase today will be relevant and useful tomorrow.

  • We individually build instruments to match customer-specific testing, review, interpretation and data accessibility needs. Our base models are MasterScreen Diff /Diff and MasterScreen PFT.
  • The rapid responding three gas analyser measures real-time gas analysis independent of expired flow velocity.
  • MasterScreen PFT can accurately measure diffusing capacity and lung volumes during the same rebreathing test maneuvers to provide clinicians with an assessment of lung diffusion during resting breathing.
  • MasterScreen PFT Systems are equipped with our SentrySuite software.
  • Sentry.Net is your communication portal, enabling you to analyse and interpret the measured data over the internet.
  • Optional fully integrated nebuliser system APS pro for bronchial challenge testing with optimal control; also inside the body box.
  • Add additional technologies from the MasterScreen Suite, such as bodyplethysmography, cardiopulmonary exercise testing, Pmax, P0.1, Rocc, compliance and rhinomanometry at a fraction of the cost of buying a second system.

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