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MasterScreen PAED



MasterScreen from CareFusion is a suite of lung function tests ranging from simple spirometry to complete lung function analysis. The MasterScreen Pediatric system tests infants and children focusing on easy to perform tests of tidal breathing analysis and double occlusion airway resistance.

  • The MasterScreen PAED defines tidal breathing parameters as well as Resistance and Compliance by Occlusion Technique quickly and easily.
  • The MasterScreen PAED is expandable. For example, using PAED together with MasterScreen Baby Body Plethysmograph covers the complete range of infant lung function testing.
  • All data can be manipulated whenever required, thereby maximizing time efficiency.
  • Test more patients with less effort using the fully-integrated, proprietary Impulse Oscillometry (IOS) system for collecting reliable airways resistance data and bronchodilator response with normal tidal breathing.

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