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MasterScreen CPX Metabolic Cart



MasterScreen CPX allows you to run an exercise stress test quickly and easily and provides you the same high quality data as our larger metabolic carts. As with all CareFusion diagnostic products, MasterScreen CPX can share its data with your electronic patient record. Powerful, yet affordable.

  • Breath-by-breath measurement of gas exchange for stress testing and energy expenditure.
  • Dynamic Flow-Volume Loops help to assess a ventilatory limitation and consequently provide information about a possible distribution or diffusion disorder on the basis of additional parameters, such as FetO2, FetCO2, P(A-a)O2, etc.
  • MasterScreen CPX can determine the basal metabolic rate and exercise-dependent energy expenditure (EE), including macronutrient breakdown, to help optimise and control training.
  • The fully automated calibration of both the flow sensor and gas analysers reduces start-up time and potential for error.
  • Software includes automated calculations such as Anaerobic Threshold types (AE, AT and RCP) and displays colour-coded parameters for upper and lower limits of normal, sub-program macros for user-definable controls such as automated blood pressure recording.
  • 12-Lead ECG and Polar Heart Rate options.
  • Ergometer and treadmill control from CPX software.
  • IntelliSupport software guides physicians through the interpretation of the data using an easy-to-follow graphical flow chart.
  • MasterScreen CPX can be used as a stationary metabolic cart, or one that provides partial mobility (without telemetry) or complete mobility and freedom to test (with telemetry).

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