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Spacious cabin with integrated sensors for box and mouth pressure as well as easy-to-exchange, heated pneumotach for an determination of flow and volume and a quick shutter. Maximise patient comfort by height-adjustable seat and easy-to-handle support arm.

  • The entire test, including airway resistance, absolute lung volumes and flow volume loop, will last no longer than two minutes.
  • MasterScreen Body allows you to disassemble and disinfect contaminated parts easily and quickly without having to use tools, keeping disposable parts to a minimum.
  • Standard body box and wide-box cabin sizes are available.
  • Our Aerosol Provocation System lets you perform specific and nonspecific bronchial provocation tests quickly and easily.
  • Add Single Breath Diffusion and you will have a comprehensive lung function laboratory (spirometry, lung volume, airway resistance and diffusing capacity).
  • Save money by combining other technologies from the MasterScreen System. Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (ergospirometry) can be added at a fraction of the cost of buying a second system.
  • More techniques to capture diffusing capacity: Single Breath, Intrabreath for non-breath hold and Diffusion Rebreathing during lung volumes determination.

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