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Discover a new dimension with intraoperative OCT

HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL is proud to introduce the world’s first
intraoperative OCT system. An OCT camera is integrated into the high class operating microscope HS Hi-R NEO 900A NIR. OCT scans of the eye’s anterior and posterior segment are performed live during surgery, thus increasing the patient’s safety and improving the quality control mechanism for the surgeon.

  • Live OCT scans during surgery

  • Applicable for the eye’s anterior and posterior segment

  • Optical view stays undisturbed

  • Scanning plane is indicated via a laser beam

  • Record intraoperatively OCT videos, snapshots and 3D images

  • View and control the OCT via the M.DIS – mounted directly at the microscope

For more information please visit the HAAG-STREIT website.