Infinity ERCP Sampling Device

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The Infinity® ERCP sampling device is purpose built for collecting substantial and quality samples from strictures in the biliary duct.

The Infinity® ERCP device features:

  • Stiffer bristles to help create a defect in the tissue
  • Softer bristles to capture abraded material
  • Spaces between the bristles to help pack cells into the catheter
  • A nitinol drive wire to allow for greater pushability and resistance to kinking
  • Short and long guidewire compatibility
  • Available in 9Fr and 7.5Fr
  • Product Code – 9Fr U-711652 – 7.5Fr U-711653
  • Sheath Diameter – 3mm/9Fr – 2.5mm/7.5Fr
  • Length – 200cm

For more information please visit the US Endoscopy website.