IFuse Implant System – Minimally Invasive Sacroiliac Joint Surgery

» IFuse Implant System – Minimally Invasive Sacroiliac Joint Surgery

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The iFuse Implant System was developed as a minimally invasive surgical option for patients who have failed non-surgical options. The iFuse Implant System is designed to provide stabilisation and fusion for certain SI joint disorders. This is accomplished by inserting triangular-shaped titanium implants across the sacroiliac joint to maximize post-surgical stability and weight bearing capacity. The procedure is done through a small incision and takes about an hour.

Over the last several years more than 20,000 procedures have been performed and over 1,000 surgeons have been trained to provide this option for their patients. Multiple published studies on iFuse have documented procedure safety and effectiveness.6

6. Polly, D.W.* et al., Neurosurgery. 2015. A list of additional published studies is available at www.si-bone.com/results
* Dr. Polly is an investigator on a clinical research study sponsored by SI-BONE. He has no financial interest in SI-BONE. Research was funded by SI-BONE, Inc.

  • 4 step MIS procedure
  • Triangular implant minimises rotation
  • Biological fixation maximised by porous titanium coating & large surface area
  • Comprehensive clinical data

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