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The HP Cosmos treadmills LE 100 – 720 CE are especially designed to meet the rigorous safety and quality requirements in pulmonology, cardiology, stress testing, endurance training, rehabilitation, sports medicine and medical fitness training.

  • LE 100 – 720 CE treadmills digitally interface (RS 232) with CareFusion Oxycon and MasterScreen CPX metabolic carts or CardioSoft 12-Lead ECG to transfer values such as speed, elevation, time, index no., distance and pulse rate.
  • The unit is equipped with an emergency switch that stops the treadmill at any stage of operation.
  • With the user terminal (for LE 100-200 CE optional), the treadmill can be used as a stand alone device.
  • Wireless HR measurement with a Polar belt is included in the treadmills.
  • Very quiet operation.
  • Optional safety arch, rehabilitation attachment, special speed and wheelchair stabilizer available.

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