High Frequency Oscillator – 3100A and 3100B

» High Frequency Oscillator – 3100A and 3100B

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Prevent Neonatal Respiratory Failure

The 3100 series High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator (HFOV) from CareFusion is for intervening in treating respiratory failure in neonates to Adults. Using lung protective tools, you can apply continuous distending pressure and superimpose minimal pressure and volume swings to inflate the lung, and avoid neonatal to Adult respiratory failure.

Product Highlights

  • Simplified controls – A flat-panel, color LCD and touch-screen simplify ventilator machine controls to help promote safety.
  • Reduced costs – The VELA patented turbine technology helps reduce downtime and in turn, operating costs.
  • Wall independence – The six-hour internal battery and turbine technology of the VELA ventilator enables operation independent from compressors and wall air.

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