Habib EUS RFA for Therapeutic Echoendoscopy

» Habib EUS RFA for Therapeutic Echoendoscopy

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EMcision’s mission statement is to enhance cancer patients’ quality of life by applying empathy to precision. To advance surgical and medical techniques by harnessing the power and accuracy of radiofrequency energy for specific applications in percustaneous procedures and open, laparoscopic, vascular and endoscopic surgeries.

The Habib EUS RFA is a monopolar catheter used to cauterize and coagulate tissue. Access deep parenchymal lesions in the liver, pancreas or other abdominal organs through an echoendoscopes and needle biopsy needle, or through the biopsy channel of an endoscope, laparoscope or trocar.

The Habib EUS RFA is a 1Fr (0.33mm, 0.13”) which has a working length of 220cm. Radiofrequency power is applied to the 20mm electrode at the end of the wire to cauterise or coagulate tissue. It is a monopolar device and requires the use of a patient grounding/diathermy pad.

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