Ergoselect 1000L Ergometer

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Optimum patient comfort by flexible adjustment of the couch surface and additional head / shoulder support. Wide pedals mean no problem getting onto the ergometer, the inclination of the couch surface (0 – 45°) and the saddle height can be comfortably adjusted with an integrated motor by remote control. In this way, the position of the upper body and the legs to the foot pedals is optimised. The stable mechanical construction of the supine ergometer provides undisrupted operation, even at optimised workloads.

  • Speed independent load from 6 up to 999 Watts
  • Infinitely variable, motor-driven adjustment of seat height for body heights from 120 cm to 210 cm
  • Ergometer can also be used as a stand-alone device
  • 5 predefined stress test programs, such as WHO, and 10 user-definable programs as well as manual load adjustment
  • Integrated, computer-controlled automatic blood pressure measurements
  • Clearly displays workload, blood pressure and heart rate on ergometer and on metabolic cart while patients view RPM to help maintain pedal rate

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