CLARUS INSPECTION SCOPE – lumen inspection system

» CLARUS INSPECTION SCOPE – lumen inspection system

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The Clarus Inspection Scope is ideal for uncovering:

  • Irregular or damaged surfaces
  • Bioburden including biofilm
  • Foreign Material such as clips, loops, and biliary stents

What parts of my instruments should be inspected?

  • Instrument channels/lumens
  • Connection points
  • Distal tip
  • Behind Elevator
  • Any reusable device with small channels

Key Features

  • Complies with AS/NZS 4187:2014 standards “Visual inspection utilizing magnification…” (Section 8.2.5)
  • The only lumen and Channel Inspection System that can go inside lumens as small as 1mm
  • 9 X Magnification inside any lumen as small as 1mm
  • Simple Installation no service contracts required
  • Flexible Workstation Options (Monitor Smartphones or Eyepiece)
  • Optional Camera available to capture images (including attachment to iphone)
  • Compatible with SS1 & VPRO for sterilization
  • Suit any Department with the “3 Scope System”