Carbon/PEEK Pedicle Screw System

» Carbon/PEEK Pedicle Screw System

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Taking the clinically proven concept of Pedicle System fixation to a new level, icotec achieved a true breakthrough in the development, production and first worldwide implantation (in 2013) of a pedicle screw made from BlackArmor Carbon/PEEK material. Utilising the radiolucent and non-magnetisable material properties minimises artefacts in X-Ray, CT as well as MRI, and therefore, facilitate the postoperative diagnosis tremendously. During tumour treatment radiotherapy is no longer limited by the presence of metallic implants.

The systems key components are the polyaxial pedicle screws and rods (straight or pre-contoured), both made from high strength BlackArmor Carbon/PEEK material. All pedicle screws are titanium coated in the area of the pedicle for improved and direct osseointegration. The entire BlackArmor pedicle screw system is designed based on proven surgical techniques and can be used in a variety of indications including application in long constructs.

Key Features:

  • Outstanding imaging quality – due to the use of Carbon/PEEK, focused on bone – not metal
  • Hamornised load transfer – resulting in less stress shielding due to a better match of the Carbon/PEEK material properties
  • Porous titanium coating – enhanced osseointegration and improved fixation in the pedicle area
  • High fatigue strength – due to the high percentage of endless carbon fibers in the material

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