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US Endoscopy has set a new standard for injection therapy, bleed management and irrigation devices. From our BioVac® direct suction device, specialising in evacuation and lavage of the GI tract, to the world-renowned Carr-Locke injection needle, we offer endoscopy devices to address nearly all of your bleed management needs.


Bioshield Biopsy Valve

Single-use valves reduce the possibility of cross-contamination between patients. Small valve size and easy device passage offer exceptional functionality during usage.


Bioshield Irrigating Adaptor

For use with BioShield® biopsy valves, this adaptor maximises direct, intraprocedural irrigation.


Bioshield Irrigator

The BioShield® irrigator affords immediate, direct, intraprocedural irrigation. Simply attach a 60cc syringe to the irrigation line, or use extension tubing to connect with your water pump for hands-free, foot pedal control.


Bioshield Water Pump Extension Tubing

Extension tubing to complement the BioShield® irrigator and the BioVac® direct suction device for hands-free foot pedal control.


BioVac Direct Suction Device

Known as ‘super suction for your endoscope’, the BioVac® device offers superior suction power and volume during the evacuation of gelatinous materials from the GI tract.

Designed to suction hard-to-remove, viscous materials* which may otherwise clog the control head of the endoscope, the BioVac® device bypasses the scope control head, alleviating intraprocedural clogging of the scope.


Bipolar Hemostasis Probes

With a Hydromer tip to help prevent tissue from sticking to the probe tips, its universal length can be used for EGD, enteroscopy and colonoscopy.


Articulator Injection Needle

The Articulator™ injection needle is a reliable, yet affordable, needle ideal for everyday use and dependable enough for the most immediate needs. From saline assisted polypectomy to esophageal varices, ulcers, and tatooing, the Articulator™ injection needle is the steadfast choice for injection therapy.

  • Luer-lock, spring-loaded handle that helps promote maximum needle projection, while protecting against scope damage and inadvertent needle sticks
  • Kink resistant, stainless steel sheath to pass smoothly and perform in articulated endoscopes
  • Stainless steel hub to aid in tamponade and help ensure only the needle penetrates the mucosa


Carr-Locke Injection Needle

The Carr-Locke injection needle, developed to perform in the most tortuous conditions, has become the everyday needle of choice for many around the world.

  • Patented design ensures consistent needle projection every time
  • Stainless steel, Teflon coated, spring sheath virtually eliminates sheath kinking
  • Luer-lock, spring-loaded handle automatically retracts the needle, reducing the risk of inadvertent needle sticks and scope damage


Vari-Safe Injection Needle

Traditionally designed, this 23-gauge plastic-sheathed injection needle features:

  • A specialized tip to facilitate consistent needle performance in tortuous conditions
  • Luer-lock, spring-loaded handle that helps promote maximum needle projection, while protecting against scope damage and inadvertent needle sticks

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