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Specialising in evacuation and lavage of the GI tract, the BioVac® device is designed to suction hard-to-remove, viscous materials, like gelatinous blood and stringy clots, which may otherwise clog the control head of the endoscope. By bypassing the scope control head, the BioVac® device alleviates the intraprocedural clogging of the scope suction valve, while offering considerable suction power and volume.

The BioVac® device offers…

  • Enhanced suction, facilitating increased volume* and quicker, more powerful evacuation.
  • The ability to irrigate as much as desired   instilling large volumes of fluid is no longer a nuisance with the BioVac® device’s quick evacuation.
  • Direct visualization to easily target cleansing and evacuation sites, allowing clinicians to focus on the patient’s diagnosis and/or treatment.
  • Instrument access, enabling the clinician to utilize the BioVac® device’s suction capabilities as well as provide therapeutic treatment via the accessory channel
  • 183 cm suction tubing
  • 30.5 cm irrigation line
  • Olympus, Fujinon (G5 series and newer), and Pentax compatible
  • Olympus, Fujinon (G5 series and newer) available with or without a y-port
  • Latex-free, single use

*The size of particles and volume of liquid suctioned is limited to the endoscope’s channel size.

For more information please visit the US Endoscopy website.


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