Bead Block – Bland Emobilisation Microspheres

» Bead Block – Bland Emobilisation Microspheres

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  • Compressible N-FilTM hydrogel embolic microsphere
  • Tinted with biocompatible blue colouring
  • Presented in colour coded syringes
  • Durable micro-porous structure
  • Predictable mechanical occlusion
  • Targeted embolisation


Bead Block are intended to be used for the embolisation of hypervascular tumours, including uterine fibroids and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs).

Bead Block presentation:

  • Syringe of 20 ml presented in a sterile, sealed pre-formed Tyvek peel-away tray
  • Each syringe contains approximately 2 ml of Bead Block in non-pyrogenic, sterile, physiological buffered saline
  • Each syringe is intended for single patient use only. Do not resterilize. Discard any unused material

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