Acuson Freestyle Wireless Ultrasound System

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The Acuson Freestyle Ultrasound system has been designed to meet the needs of the Point of Care doctors to quickly and accurately identify injuries so that a plan can be put in place to limit any extra damage and monitor the recovery phase.

Being wireless allows the system to have increased mobility as you are not limited by the length of the cable, so that the diagnosis can be made on the sidelines without the requirement to go to a Radiology clinic and having the imaging controls on the transducer increases workflow.

The Freestyle is the first wireless ultrasound system commercially available and has set the standard in patient care due to its revolutionary technology and exquisite imaging providing increased efficiencies and versatility.

The sensitive colour Doppler aids in the identification of inflammation and tears that are so common with elite athletes who are pushing their bodies to the limit to achieve sporting perfection and all this without the limitation of a cable.

The Acuson Freestyle is a must, not a luxury for all sporting clubs as it offers:

  • Increased mobility due to not being limited by cable length
  • Superb imaging
  • Fast and accurate diagnosis on the sidelines
  • Ease of use as it has integrated transducer controls
  • Robust design
  • Long lasting batteries in the transducer and the unit

For more information please visit the Siemens website.